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World Family English Logo and Identity

World Family English is a children’s educational company spanning five countries and with a heritage of over 40 years. As Disney’s largest publishing licensee, it uses technology, digital platforms and traditional media to teach kids English to empower them to achieve more.

In our initial sessions, we discovered a fearless and determined brand that was passionate about helping children unlock their potential through the power of language and the nurturing love of family.

From this story, we created an identity that made the journey of English Learning an act of courage and adventure, highlighting its sense of joy and accomplishment through rich, storybook-like illustrations, bold typography and inspiring key messaging and content.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Voice Strategy, Verbal Identity, Illustration, Website, Copywriting, Collateral

Additional Credits:
Photos courtesy of World Family English, Ltd.
Copywriting by Ashley Lombardo and Rebecca Kershberg.

World Family English Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Illustration & Iconography, Print, Brand Identity, Website



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