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Larry Nguyen

Creative Director + Founder

Larry Nguyen, Creative Director and Founder of Outfit Branding & Design
Wendy Tuan

Art Director + Founder

Wendy Tuan, Art Director and Founder of Outfit Branding & Design

We're all about standing out.

Hi there! We are Outfit, a Los Angeles-based studio who's super passionate about brand and design. Since 2014, we've been creating identities that help companies take their brands to the next level. We strive to create brands that are meaningful, original and bold, and we work with clients who do the same. 
  • Boldness
    Brands who are unafraid to be different (and even a little weird) are the ones that make a difference and push their industry forward.
  • Openness
    Creativity is the product of looking beyond what's been done before. It's seeing past boundaries and preconceived labels. It's being open to possibility.
  • Elevation
    Can we find a better way? Constant improvement and growth mindset are key to making better work. We look at the small details and the big picture to refine, enhance and upgrade each and every project.
  • Collaboration
    Stop, collaborate and listen. If you want to go far, go together—and brandwork is entirely about the long view. Great collaboration brings out the very best ideas and solutions, and strengthens your vision and goals.
  • Communication
    Clearly expressing your personality and story is at the core of branding. Clarity and alignment are essential to success.

Our Team

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