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Nadia Yakoob Law Logo and Identity

Nadia Yakoob & Associates is an Oakland, California-based law firm specializing in US Immigration Law.​​​​​​​

Through our strategy sessions, we discovered a story about opening boundaries and bridging countries by making the immigration process clearer, more efficient, and more personal.

Inspired by the pastel hues, familiar contours and latitudinal/longitudinal lines of world maps, we created a visual identity composed of stylish colors, a simple, flexible grid system and a host of abstract continental shapes.

The elegant, high contrast wordmark is carefully placed at the nexus of Western and Eastern hemispheres and framed within an opening in the structured grid. The ‘N’ monogram evokes a compass rose signaling a sense of instruction and guidance.

With this sophisticated, contemporary visual system, Nadia Yakoob becomes a window of opportunity and access facilitating the American journey.

Nadia Yakoob Law Logo and Identity

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Brand Identity, Print, Digital, Website


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