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Miki Logo and Identity

Miki is a California-based fashion apparel company aimed at helping woman feel chic, confident, comfortable and current through a community of independent, entrepreneurial-minded retailers.

Working with the founder, we developed a story inspired by the promise of empowering women to feel like their true selves. We saw the personality of a confident, cool, and slightly quirky, rebellious woman.

For the logo, the use of a face adorned with sunglasses, a fringe bob and bright fuchsia lipstick, coupled with the brand’s Japanese moniker (the founder’s nickname) exude a youthful and stylishly individual personality. We also produced a leopard print from the lips of this face, and created icons and colors expressing the brand's the chic, urbane, and inclusive traits. The type, Noe Display, reflects the sophisticated, yet distinct character of the brand.

Miki Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Brand Identity, Illustration & Iconography, Print, Digital, Website


Fashion & Beauty, Retail & DTC

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