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Launderful Naming Logo and Identity

Launderful is a cleaning products company that offers a highly effective, non-toxic, biodegradable, powder "laundry stripper" that deep-cleans and sustains soft goods better (and more Earth-friendly) than most commercial detergents.

From our initial sessions, we discovered a company passionately devoted to making the complexities of modern life a little simpler. A succinct brand promise emerged: "To make doing laundry feel a little less like doing laundry."

Using these themes of simplicity, ease, and effectiveness, we developed naming, logo, visual identity, verbal identity, packaging and other touchpoints, for both Launderful and Super Soak™, its powerful flagship offering.

The resulting work is as potent and bold as the brand's products, yet as human-centered and thoughtful as its values.

Additional copywriting by Tiffany Morgan.

Launderful Naming Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Brand Identity, Packaging, Naming, Digital, Illustration & Iconography, Product Design


Retail & DTC

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