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Insight Editions Logo and Identity

The most licensed publisher in the world, Insight Editions produces books and objects that bring to life people's passions, curiosities, imaginations and interests. With over two decades in publishing and an army of devoted fandom-lovers, Insight strives for class-leading products to create the most immersive user experiences in the print world.

Through our initial strategy sessions, we distilled the brand story into a simple statement: "Crafting the Extraordinary." — a core promise that sets the standard for everything the brand thinks, does and breathes. From this, we developed a voice, logomark and identity system that could express Insight's unique qualities, and resonate more deeply and truthfully with its audience.

Core elements include: a dynamic logo mark that combines a doorway, a column and capital/lowercase letter "I/i" topped with an all-seeing starry eye; refined yet mysterious colors and typography; and talisman-like custom icons that emanate the power, magic and narrative found in Insight's diverse array of imaginative products.

This bold, ethereal rebrand signals to the world that there is no better place to dive headfirst into your imagination than Insight Editions.

Insight Editions Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Brand Identity, Print, Digital, Illustration & Iconography


Publishing, Arts & Culture

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