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Fiesta Tropicalé Logo and Identity

Fiesta Tropicalé is a US- and Philippines-based coconut products brand with a mission is to enrich the planet with positivity, passion and purpose — the Filipino way. Traditional fiestas are local community festivals full of color, fun and liveliness.

Our initial Discovery sessions revealed a deep commitment to sustainable practices and community impact, as well as a uniquely warm, familial culture. Along with world-class capabilities and extremely high standards of quality, these key differentiators developed into a story about "joyfully celebrating food, family and the place we call 'home'."

Driven by this story, the logo, visual identity and packaging system vividly express the brand's vivacious affability and passionate core values. The iconmark evokes a person hugging a coconut tree and is supported by bold, vibrant colors, hand-drawn illustrative elements, and nature-inspired textures and patterns.

Additional product photography by Sasha Greenhalgh.

Fiesta Tropicalé Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Packaging, Print, Brand Identity, Product Design, Illustration & Iconography


Food & Drink, Retail & DTC

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