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Beanfolk Coffee Logo and Identity

Beanfolk is a Shanghai-based coffee company focused on providing the most unique and exotic coffee and coffee-based products with the highest levels of quality, rarity and taste. The company's main imports come from the isles of Papua New Guinea.

From these very special and exclusive products and services, we identified a story about offering sophisticated yet 'wild' experiences that reward and encourage open-mindedness, exploration and expanding one's palate: Beanfolk is the premium guide to the adventurous world of exotic coffee.

Inspired by Beanfolk's connection to Papua New Guinea, as well as its commitment to creativity, sustainability and craft, we translated this brand story into natural, vibrant, organic textures, colors, and intricate linear motifs—all tempered by panel blocking and contemporary, clean typography.

A balanced blend of the raw and the refined.

Beanfolk Coffee Logo and Identity

Type of Work

Brand Identity, Packaging, Product Design, Illustration & Iconography


Food & Drink

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